(Raw starter)

Borromei beef tartare

Raw red prawn ( Mazara del Vallo)



Tris of fish tartare ( tuna, salmon and sword fish)

Borromei raw appetizer ( red prawn, tuna and salmon tartare, sword fish carpaccio, tuna and oyster) for two persons

Royal Borromei raw appetizer ( red prawns, tris of tartare, tris of carpaccio, oysters and scampi) for two persons


Octopus stir-fried with rosemary and mashed potatoe

Fried small squids and whitebait balls

Sicilian anchovies served with warm bread and butter

Chicory hearts salad with anchovies sauce and buffalo mozzarella

Baby octopus with cherry tomato, olives and cappers

Mix of fish appetizers


Hand cutted assorted sliced salami with buffalo mozzarella (for two persons)

Eggplant parmesan stuffed with burrata and basil cream on tomato sauce

Raw artichokes salad with Grana cheese basket

Mushrooms and potatoes pie with parmesan cream and nuts

Borromei appetizer ( mix of meat and vegetables appetizers)

(Pasta lovers)

Thick noodles with prawns, zucchini, cherry tomato and pistachios

Paccheri (short pasta from Gragnano) with sword fish, datterino tomato sauce, eggplants and black bread crumbs

Spaghetti with fresh clams in a white sauce

Calamarata ( short pasta )with pistachios pesto and scampi

Risotto with prawns hint of citrus

(Pasta lovers)

Mamma’s first plate (Long fresh pasta with tomato sauce, meatballs and peas)

Busiati short pasta with leeks, speck and artichokes

Homemade cappelletti stuffed with mushrooms, potatoes and sun-dried tomato on parmesan cheese cream

Risotto with pumpkin, sausage and pecorino cheese

Pappardelle with duck ragù

(Fish main course)

Turbot fillet with potatoes and rosemary

Umbrine fillet with escarole, pine nuts, anchovies, olives and raisin

Fried sea bass with sauteè friggitelli peppers and cherry tomato                                                                                         

Tuna fillet in sesame crust with mediterranean sauce and vegetables

Fish soup with croutons

(Meat main course)

Braised beef cheek with stuffed potatoes

Ossobuco (veal shank) with saffron risotto

Fried veal chop     

Sliced beef with sautéed artichokes

T-bone steak with homemade fresh fried potatoes and grilled vegetables (for two peursons)

Tris of cereals with spinach and grilled vegetables

(Side dishes)

Grandma Pina's eggplant caponata

Sautéed artichokes

Sautéed spinach with butter or oil and lemon

Mixed or green salad

Grilled vegetables

Chips potatoes


Crispy millefoglie with mascarpone cream, raspberries and chocolate


Warm chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream

Honey parfait with dark chocolate flakes and blueberries

Chestnut tart with marron glacè ice cream         

Lemon sorbet, green apple sorbet or citrus sorbet


Cover charge Euro 3,00

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